Solutions that Jurisdictions Trust

Inertia created a standardized inspection process used by OSHPD IORs and other quality control professionals to navigate the job site quickly and efficiently.
Standard Inspection Types

Keep everyone on the same page with standardized inspection types and workflows.

Map Out Your Day, Literally

Use Inertia’s location-based inspection solutions to efficiently coordinate your schedule with the job site.

Trusted Documentation

Inertia tracks inspection requests and restricts changes to authorized users, so you know exactly what’s going on with full transparency and trust.

Navigating Inspections Made Easy

OSHPD is one of the strictest construction regulatory bodies in the construction industry. California cities are densely populated with natural disasters like earthquakes and fires occurring regularly. When it comes to construction, compliance can feel like a pain, but doing it right can save lives. Inertia is here to make your build easier, guiding you through inspections and building trust on the job site between builders, owners, and jurisdictions.

Transparent Communication

Log and track everything automatically, so you can click on a wall and instantly see every document connected to it.

Efficient Field Work

Location-based workflow keeps teams and Inspectors coordinated on the field, so no one is wasting their time.

Eliminate Rework

Inertia keeps your teams informed about what’s needed next, eliminating the miscommunications that lead to rework.

Ready to make navigating inspections easier?

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