Intelligent Construction Drawings

Leverage the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in new way. Grant your construction teams more collaboration and administration tools throughout the design and construction process.

Brings Freedom of Information
to The Field

Process Automation

Unlock higher levels of efficiency with automated workflows that elevate ordinary tasks. Easily attach RFIs, Punch items and reports to any 3d object and it instantly becomes visible throughout all the sheet sets.

3D Data in 2D Format

Harness the power of your BIM data overlay over .pdf construction drawings. Bring all of the 2d and 3d information into the field. Empower your teams to communicate from pre-construction to close-out.

Actionable Data

ICDs allow for sharing, collaborating, and versioning sheets that PDF drawings sets don’t. Interactive sheets that connect 3d-object with their structured database of component records.  Generate action items and gain insights into the project with a few simple clicks.


Supercharge your construction sheets

This new technology links (2d & 3d BIM) construction documents to the cloud database to produce high-fidelity object-linked smart construction sheets, allowing users to assign records to items, rather than areas.
By creating these smart objects and layered visualization, high-fidelity sheets are delivered to the field without accessing the 3d/BIM model. This enables construction teams to build trust and implement decisions with high levels of certainty.

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Predict issues and make smarter business decisions that help teams get work done faster.

The Inertia Platform with Intelligent Construction Drawings includes core capabilities that quickly and efficiently automate activity workflows and allows projects to run efficiently.

Enhance productivity

Turn routine construction processes into automated workflows that deliver faster, smarter data capture. Teams have improved coordination by quickly updating every construction sheet (by item and location) on the project.

Intuitive experience

From office to the field, enable teams to add field data to the BIM model without opening the 3D model. Let teams work from their construction sheets and automatically send the data back to the core model.

Integrate everything

Every activity is tied together through an object based location map. Simplify what each team needs to see and manage throughout the design and construction process, maximize effectiveness for every stage of the project lifecycle and into facilities/real estate portfolio management.

Amplify your BIM model

We seamlessly embed 3-d model and database information  into your construction sheets. All phases of the project benefit from better administration, improved accuracy and increased reliability of workshare enabled projects.

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