About Inertia

We empower jobsites to do great things together. Our mission is to make jobsites coordinated, efficient, and productive.

Our Story

We’re changing how teams get work done. Over the past eight years, we’ve helped some of the nation's most innovative builders streamline their project management through visual, detailed project maps – removing the silos of scattered information, making next steps clear and actionable.


Construction teams on any project have the resources and support to build with excellence

When you step onto the jobsite or login from home, you know what needs to be done, why, and where. We enable clear communication, connected information, and intuitive workflows that break down barriers and empower teams to perform at their best.


There’s a unique spirit to Inertia, manifested in who we are and how we work together.

These are the principles we use to build an impactful, customer-focused business while staying true to ourselves.


We share a vision for your success, and we remain solidly united in pursuit of that vision.


We approach every obstacle with energy, passion, and the belief that no challenge is too great.


We believe in our responsibility to break down barriers and make teams stronger.


We believe that change is important, and always seek to be the agents of positive change.


We know that being the best means never stopping, and never slowing down.

Our People

Our journey began when Inertia's CEO, Matt Hudelson, knocked on the door of a portable on a Hospital jobsite in Southern California with an idea that would change the construction industry forever. Since then, we've expanded our team to include experts from every construction discipline and forged new partnerships with financial backing from seasoned investors in the construction space.

To this day, the most important member of our development team is you. We have always developed our solutions alongside industry partners, adapting to their needs, and anticipating the barriers in this ever-changing industry. Our people are your people, building solutions that make your life easier.

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