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Inertia Announces Product Integration with Procore

Inertia Intelligent Construction Drawings Embedded App for Procore will drive productivity and enhance quality of data collected and accessible from the field

Inertia Systems, a location-driven construction management software, is today announcing an integration with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software, that will make Inertia's Intelligent Construction Drawings (ICD) technology available through Procore's Embedded Experience. The integration will enable construction teams to leverage proactive, data-driven, and connected ICDs on the jobsite.

The adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology has surged in recent years, offering jobsite teams improved collaboration, reduced risks, and more efficient building overall. Leveraging BIM data, Inertia's ICD technology provides a 2D visual-first approach to jobsite management and collaboration. Generated automatically, ICD sheets created in the Inertia Embedded App allow field data to be instantly attached to the corresponding physical location on a project map. If the BIM designs change, the project maps and ICDs are also updated automatically.

"Projects succeed or fail based on the quality they deliver on the first attempt. Field data and lessons learned have become the most valuable data to leverage in construction organizations," said Matthew Hudelson, CEO of Inertia. "Our integration with Procore offers the best of both worlds for our customers, who will now be able to combine data and insights to drive real–time action in the field. As we expand on this partnership, our goal will continue to be focused on both reducing friction in the field and automating manual processes faster, without adding additional steps for our customers."

The integration between Inertia and Procore allows users to integrate ICDs into new and existing projects, transforming the way that teams can use construction drawings. The availability of the integration also creates new data solutions for Procore users to help field teams deliver more effective experiences on the jobsite. The Inertia Embedded App will improve collaboration, quality, and productivity by putting 3D data in the hands of entire project teams through 2D construction sheets. Inertia's integration with Procore helps improve project collaboration and data collection by providing easy access to valuable BIM data in a lightweight format.

"3D models provide a central location for critical project information, and Procore is focused on making BIM accessible to everyone in construction. Integrating Inertia's Intelligent Construction Drawings through their Embedded App will provide a seamless and simple way for all teams to access data from the model," said Brian Smith, Business Development Manager at Procore.

"Being able to easily access our BIM data and to generate location-connected records from the field will help mitigate jobsite mistakes and improve our overall productivity," said Robert Pleasants, BIM/VDC Manager at Satterfield & Pontikes Construction. "It's incredibly valuable for our teams to have the ability to dig into jobsite properties and update specific locations as projects progress. We're looking forward to future developments from Procore and Inertia together."

With a robust product roadmap slated for the remainder of 2021 and beyond, Inertia will continue developing future enhancements and integration benefits for customers aimed at driving jobsite efficiencies and field productivity, standardizing data collection for business intelligence, improving construction collaboration, and more.

For more information about the Inertia Embedded App visit the Procore App Marketplace.

Full release here.

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