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The Industry-Leading Inspection Software

Standardized inspection workflows through connected location-based maps. Connect teams and inspectors to the information they need, intuitively delivered to their fingertips.
Collect Information

Required information is collected automatically in the platform and kept secure. Workflows are tracked and managed and problems are caught before they impact project schedule.

Connect Teams

Keep project teams connected and coordinated, automatically informing members when an inspection request might impact their schedule of work.

Communicate Priorities

Standard workflows make sure work is done right the first time and inspectors get what they need to feel confident that everything is in place and accurate.

Streamline Quality Control & Compliance

Inertia creates project maps from the BIM model, and connects your documentation to the maps and back through the model, so relevant information from anywhere on the project site is automatically connected to anything it impacts.

This means that when it comes time to do inspections, inspectors have every piece of relevant information already connected to the inspection request.

Enhance Visibility for Inspectors

Manage inspection requests across the job site with standardized inspection types and workflows. Reduce failed inspection from miscommunication.

Location-Connected Data

Inspections are connected to where they happen in the field, so every piece of relevant documentation is attached for Quality Control and Inspectors automatically.

Trusted Documentation

All activities are tracked by precise project location and changes to documentation are locked by role, so jurisdictions can rest easy.

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