Delivering New Levels of Project Connectivity and Location Innovation

Intelligent Construction Drawings on the Inertia Platform accelerates digital transformation on the jobsite, helping teams improve jobsite productivity

Today we announced the release of Intelligent Construction Drawings, expanding on our mission to remove the silos of scattered information and fragmented views of the project.

Construction drawings technology has changed the way people add information to a sheet but it hasn't found a way to update every object and component on all relevant sheets - until now. 

Powered by the Inertia Platform, the new capabilities improve project coordination and field productivity by enabling contractors, trades and owners to more effectively collaborate and complete their work. 

“We are doubling down on location and object connectivity to find innovative ways for automation and workflows to elevate productivity, collaboration, and data capture – no matter the project size” said Matthew Hudelson, Founder & CEO.

"Now more than ever, construction teams need to stay connected and organized from anywhere”

We heard from our customers that the manual process of construction drawings was a near-constant pain point for every construction team. And, when we heard that all the valuable data with the BIM model was being lost when converted to a PDF, we decided to do something about it. Now, everyone can leverage the data within the BIM model, in an interactive, construction sheet, all tied together through an object based location map. 

This new technology analyzes construction documentation and data to produce high-fidelity object-linked smart construction sheets, allowing users to assign records to items, rather than areas. By creating these smart objects and self-aware visualization, high-value construction sheets are delivered to the field without the need for 3D modeling, enabling construction teams to implement smarter, faster decision making.

We’re excited about the launch of Intelligent Construction Drawings (ICD), the first interactive construction drawing technology of its kind. With one click, you can view all data that relates to any object. With it, your teams can collaborate better, do less administrative tasks, and connect everything on a project in a visual way, boosting productivity and decreasing wasted time. 

If you’re done losing all your valuable BIM data when you hand off construction drawings to the project team and you’re ready to have better insights into the building process, let’s connect. 

Read the full press release here

About Inertia Systems

Inertia is a trusted location-driven construction management platform. Providing solutions for contractors, owners, design teams, and jurisdictions — so you can keep your projects moving. Due to Inertia’s deep automation and workflows we help teams stay productive and on schedule.

Inertia provides a refocused view of each project site, connecting all project information to exactly where it happens in the field and automatically embedding information into project maps. Our location-driven solutions allow you to manage your project, quality, performance and compliance together, automatically connecting information between teams and phases to optimize outcomes.

That means project stakeholders have complete visibility and up-to-date understanding of progress on the construction site.

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