Streamlining the Inspection Process with Inertia Compliance Management

Read about the methods that make Inertia the best compliance management solution.

Inertia has been used for nearly a decade as an inspection tool for highly regulated, high stakes construction projects. Since its inception, our construction management platform has grown substantially, offering a plethora of robust solutions that continue to grow and transform the way jobsites get work done, but the roots still remain.

There are three key components to robust compliance management solution. First and foremost, it’s imperative that all work is done properly, in the right order, and at the right time. Building mistakes will almost always result in rework. Second, it’s crucial to maintain precise, reliable, and accessible records for all work that is done on the project. Third, quality control professionals and inspectors need to have easy, reliable, and quick access to the work they are inspecting and the documentation for that work. Anything less than perfection in any of these three components will almost always result in delays or rework. 

The 3 Components of Robust Compliance Management

  1. Build it right the first time
  2. Maintain clear, reliable documentation
  3. Provide QC professionals and inspectors with quick, easy access to work and records

Inertia’s approach to fulfilling the key components of compliance management is built to be visual, reliable, and accountable. Our platform is intuitive for builders to use, reliable to owners and general contractors, and accountability with jurisdictions. Let’s break down Inertia’s approach and your path to successful compliance management.

Location-Based Approach

Inertia is a location-based platform. That means that we connect your information to where it happens in the field. This makes organization, prioritization, and management easy. When work is done in the field, builders can easily create records based on where they did the work. Other teams can use that information to understand where and when they need to get work done next, and when and if they need to delay. Quality control professionals and inspectors can easily see where work is ready to be inspected, and inspection requests are connected to their location along with all relevant information that the compliance teams need to fulfill their obligations.

Automated Workflows

Inertia takes proactive steps to prevent delays and rework by automating predefined workflows. Team leaders can design workflows that encourage best practices during the early phases of project development. These workflows are automatically proliferated across the project, so that building is done correctly, on time, and in the right order. The platform automatically watches for activity that breaks from the intended path, notifying team leaders and stakeholders automatically of potential problems. Teams are made aware when something happens that may delay their work, and information is automatically delivered to them to review so they can decide when and how to proceed.

In addition to ensuring that work is done right the first time, automated workflows play a key role in creating and maintaining reliable records. Access to change records is restricted to specific users based on the stage in the workflow, which means that team members always know when something is in their court. Changes and comments are logged and time stamped, so inspectors can easily trace workflows from anywhere in the field back to the project’s inception. That builds trust with inspectors, which is crucial to moving forward through the compliance process.

Building Trust on the Jobsite

Mistakes in construction can often lead to finger pointing, which is neither friendly nor productive. Inertia is designed to shift the focus from blaming to problem solving. Inertia tracks work, changes to records, and inspections visually in real time, which holds teams accountable for their work. Inertia also automatically notifies teams when something requires attention without assigning blame. The objective is always to keep the project moving forward.

Inspectors trust Inertia because of its robust record management system. Inspectors often face concerns about whether or not they are accessing the most recent and reliable information when they are walking the jobsite. With Inertia, the organization is visual, location based, and crystal clear. Inspection types are standardized, so inspectors know exactly what they’re looking for when they do an inspection, and there is never any confusion or miscommunication between compliance teams and building teams.

The Power of Success

Compliance is seen as a barrier to entry for firms who might want to build in highly regulated spaces. For firms with the capital to take the risks and front the costs necessary to push through highly regulated projects today, compliance is often seen as an expensive burden, worth thinking about only as much as is necessary to complete the project without bankrupting it. Inertia sees a different future for highly regulated construction.

We believe, like many of our partners, that compliance exists to make construction safer for workers and buildings safer for occupants. While it may feel like a major pain point right now, it does not have to be. Inertia is designed to take the pain out of the inspection process. Teams that use Inertia as their compliance solution see improvements in their compliance pass rates and decreases in rework, but they also see improvements in team communication, trust, and efficiency. Our vision is for any builder who wants to enter a heavily regulated space to feel confident that they can navigate through compliance without any surprises or major setbacks.

About Inertia

Inertia is a trusted location-driven construction management platform. Providing solutions for contractors, owners, design teams, and jurisdictions — so you can keep your projects moving. Due to Inertia’s deep automation and workflows we help teams stay productive and on schedule.

Inertia provides a refocused view of each project site, connecting all project information to exactly where it happens in the field and automatically embedding information into project maps.   Our location-driven solutions allow you to manage your project, quality, performance and compliance together, automatically connecting information between teams and phases to optimize outcomes.

That means project stakeholders have complete visibility and up-to-date understanding of progress on the construction site.

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